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Scope and Certificate, and our Capabilities.

Current ISO 17025 Certification

Current ISO 17025 Scope of Accreditation

Dimensional Capabilities

Electronic Capabilities

Physical Capabilities

Temperature Capabilites


Physical Capabilities


Back Flow Test Gage Manometers Anlog/Digital  
Brinell Scopes Master Leaks
Chart Recorder – Pressure  Pressure Transducers/Transmitters
Conductivity Meters Retention Contact Testers
Deadweight Tester Spring Testers
Differential Pressure Gauges Tensile Strength Testers
Digital/Analog Pressure Gauges Tensiometers
Force/Torque Dynamometer  Torque Calibrator
Force Gage Torque Tester
Gas Flow Rotameters Torque Wrench / Screwdriver  
Magnahelic Gauges Vacuum Gage
Masses and Mass sets Weight Scale
     - Analytical Balance
High Accuracy Pressure Calibration    - Triple Beam Balance 
     -Hydraulic pressure to 72K PSI  
     -Pneumatic pressure to 1000 PSI Hardness Tester
     -Gauge & Absolute     - Brinell
     -Low Differential Pressure     - Rockwell & Portable