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Scope and Certificate, and our Capabilities.

Current ISO 17025 Certification

Current ISO 17025 Scope of Accreditation

Dimensional Capabilities

Electronic Capabilities

Physical Capabilities

Temperature Capabilites


Dimensional Capabilities

Angle Block/Plate Height Transfer Straight Edge
API Gages (See Thread Gage) Inclinometer Supermicrometer
Balls, Precision Set Keyway Gage Surface Plate
Ball Gage, Cameron Lead Gage Taper Even Pitch Gage
Bench Micrometer Level Taper Gage
Blocks (1-2-3) Measuring Tape Taper Leaf Gage
Bore/Holtest/Tri-Mic/Intra-Mic Micrometer Master-Depth/OD Thickness Gage-Dial and Ultrasonic
Caliper –  Micrometer Standard Thread Height Gage
    - Dial/Digital/Vernier/Inside Micrometers (All) Thread Height Standard
Caliper Checker Micro-Hite Standard Thread Lead Standard
Caliper w/Ball Gage Optical Comparator Thread Rolls
Clinometer Optical Flat Thread Plug Gage
Coating Thickness Gage Parallels     -  Unified/Acme/Stub     
Combination Square Set Pi-Tape      -  Acme/NPT/Special
Concentricity Gage Pin Gage     -  Buttress
Crimping Tools Pitch Leaf Gage Thread Ring Gage 
Cylindrical Plug Gage Precision: Angle, Square, Vise     -  Unified/Acme/Stub
Cylindrical Ring Gage Profile Gage     -  Acme/NPT/Special
Dial Depth Gage Profilometer     -  Buttress
Dial Indicator Protractor Thread Gage Plug & Ring-API
Dial Indicator Tester Screw Pitch Gage Set     -  Spec 5B, API Spec 7, 
Durometer Setting Disc      - API 11A
Feeler Gage Shim Gage Thread Wire- Acme, Unified
Foil, Measuring Sine Bar/Sine Plate Trimos Setting Standard
Gage Block Sphere  
Height Gage Steel Scale